Bay Harbor

Situated along five miles of stunningly beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline between Petoskey and Charlevoix, Bay Harbor encompasses a world-class resort, marina, equestrian club, hotel and conference center.  Bay Harbor is home to some of the very finest luxury residences available anywhere.  When you're ready to reward yourself with Northern Michigan living at its best, Bay Harbor is the destination of choice.

Bay Harbor began as a vision by Bay Harbor Company Chairman, David V. Johnson, to create an unparalleled resort community in northern Michigan.  In 1993, Johnson and CMS Energy led a coalition of strategic allies in what was (and remains) the largest reclamation in North America.  The site, formerly a cement plant with a pocketed moonscape terrain is now the strikingly beautiful home of a four-season luxury resort community.

Today, thanks to the creation of a lake and thoughtful development, Bay Harbor is a thriving world-class resort community providing year-round leisure activities.  Its remarkable beauty, direct access to Lake Michigan, exceptional luxury residences (single family and multiple family), retail and hotel amenities make it a must-visit destination in the Midwest.

Bay Harbor features a world-class deep water harbor, the Olympic-caliber Bay Harbor Equestrian Club and the 27-hole Bay Harbor Golf Course - crafted by Arthur Hills and hailed by Golf Digest as "The Pebble Beach of the Midwest."

The picturesque Village at Bay Harbor is the heartbeat of the community.  The Village includes dining and retail amenities, an active marina, a public observation platform and walking trails.  Nearly one mile of Lake Michigan shoreline and 70 acres of prime land were donated as public parks by Bay Harbor Company.  The parks are connected by five miles of non-motorized public nature trails, providing permanent enjoyment for Bay Harbor residents, visitors and Bay Harbor's neighboring communities.  Bay Harbor's unmatched combination of beautiful scenery and its diverse array of upscale shops and dining have made it a popular year-round destination for premier events, weddings and outdoor festivals.

The Bay Harbor Equestrian Club is a world-class facility that caters to a wide variety of riding disciplines.  The club offers top-notch indoor and outdoor arenas, expert instructors and exciting shows and clinics.  Since its creation, the Bay Harbor Equestrian Club has become a top destination for equestrian enthusiasts across the country.

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